May 25

EOY Activities

Hi Parents of Room 415!

I can’t believe that after today, we only have four more days together. It has truly been one of the most incredible years on my end as a teacher being able to teach this amazing group of kids. Just some reminders as we get into the craziness of next week and all of our activities.

Tuesday May 29th: AMC Movie Trip and Park. We will begin our walk to the theater around 9:30. We will then return to campus to pick up lunches and walk over to the park for an after lunch and free time. Please make sure to send your child with a sack lunch on Tuesday. They will be getting snack packs at the movies, so they might not be as hungry as usual but they will still need a lunch to hold them over until 2:45.  A notice went home last week that we are seeing the movie “Solo”. If you do not want your child seeing that movie, please contact me or send the form back to let me know.

Wednesday May 30th: Olympic Field Day. We will be at school all day. Olympic Field Day will be from 8:30-10:45. In the afternoon students will participate/observe the Teachers vs. Sixth Grade Kickball game.

Thursday May 31th: Legoland! We will be there for a long time so please make sure to send your child with appropriate shoes and clothes for the day.  Please make sure to also send your child with either a sack lunch or money to be able to buy a lunch while they are there. We will return to Camarena around 6pm. I will post updates on the Homeroom App letting parents know our ETA.

Friday June 1st: Promotion at Eastlake Church. Promotion starts promptly at 2:00pm. Students need to be at the church no later than 1:30pm!

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of our EOY activities.

April 19

Apex Fun Run!

Dear Families,

Today, our Apex time was all about step #2 in becoming a leader and being UNITED. The Apex Team taught us the importance of having No Excuses. In order for leaders to be successful, we have to take responsibility and be accountable for our actions.

As of today our class is at $25.81 per lap. Which means we have earned an extra recess as a team!

We are currently in first place and get to play dodgeball tomorrow with the Apex Team!

Our goal is to get to $40 per lap by tomorrow so we can earn homework passes as a team!

*Important note: Pledges must be entered online to count towards our class total, so please be sure to log them on at

Here is tonight’s challenge-

The class with the most number of students to get a pledge tonight will get to have a silly string party tomorrow.


The Apex Team

April 18

Apex Fun Run Update Day 1

Dear Families,

Today KC from the Apex Team visited our classroom and we talked all about the 1st step in becoming a leader and being united, which is to be Unique! Everyone has different talents and abilities and our classroom needs each student to use them for us to be our very best. “There’s no one like me, but me.”

If you haven’t already, please be sure to download the Apex Fun Run app or login to www.apexfunrun.comwith your student’s “Access Code” which can be found on the front of their pledge kit and begin watching this year’s UNITED theme videos. These videos are used as a tool to reinforce each leadership lesson outside of the classroom.

As of today our class is at  $8.01/ lap. YAY!

Our goal is to get to $20/lap by tomorrow so we can earn extra recess as a team!

Today our class was the challenge winner from last night and we got pie Jazzy Jay in the face!!

Here is tonight’s challenge-

The class with the most shares will get to play Dodgeball with the Apex Team tomorrow ( The share wizard is located on with your students access code that is located on their pledge kit with the orange lanyard. You can then share the website by using friends and family’s emails and cell phone numbers.)


Miss Greenlee

April 18

A Letter From Mr. Strout About the Apex Fun Run

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support of Enrique S. Camarena and the investments you make in your children’s lives. We are so excited to introduce you to this year’s major fundraiser for our school, the Apex Fun Run! The Apex Fun Run will last for 2 weeks and will kick off with a Pep Rally on Tuesday, April 17th.

Please look for your child’s Pledge Kit that they will receive on that day as well as communication from your child’s teacher and updates via the school website  Please visit to learn more about this interactive program that helps schools all over the country raise money, while promoting leadership and fitness in the classes.  This year’s character theme is Apex United where students will follow Sam, Rob, Wendy, Robin and Luke who together make up the United Squad. We catch up with our characters while the deceiving Mr. E is constantly testing them. With special powers provided by Omega these five friends will truly learn what it means to be united along with a surprise none of them saw coming.

During the Apex Fun Run, students are challenged to get pledges for the laps they will run on Thursday, April 26th to help their school.  Students will run for 30 minutes and average 26-36 laps, with the maximum amount of laps being 36 (each lap is 1/16th of a mile).  Sponsors can pledge $1, $2, $5 or any other amount for each lap students run.  All participants will receive an access code that allows you to enter pledges online.  Funds raised this year will be going to help our PTA  continue the great work they do in supporting all of our students and staff in so many ways.

The Apex Fun Run is for every student regardless of financial giving.  All students will receive Apex bands, race-day lap counters, and team awards.  We invite all parents to come to the Apex Fun Run and share in this great event!  The times for the Apex Fun Run are as follows on Thursday, April 26th:

8:30 – 9:30 5th and 6th
9:30 – 10:30 3rd and 4th
10:30 – 11:30 1st and 2nd
11:30 – 12:30 Kinder


For parents: you can help our school be successful in the following four ways:

  • Help connect your child to potential sponsors (family/friends) to acquire pledges.
  • Ask your child about the “United” character lessons, and download the “Apex Fun Run” App!
  • Come to the Apex Fun Run and don’t forget to invite others to attend our fun-filled community event.
  • Help volunteer for the race! We need several parents to help cheer on students and mark laps.  If you would like to volunteer for your student’s race, please register via our PTA volunteer link that has been created for this event:

Thank you again for your continued support—we are so excited to begin this exciting new event at Camarena!


Jonathan Strout


March 8


Just a reminder to all parents that conferences start today. For the next week and a half until Spring Break, students will be dismissed at 1:15pm. Also, I still have many that have not signed up for a conference. Please use the link to do so. I opened up more spots on Monday afternoon to try to accommodate more times as I see Monday is a popular conference request. If any parents can’t make these times, please email me so we can setup a different time that would work for you. Thanks!

Conference Sign Up

February 12

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! If students would like, they may hand out Valentine’s to their classmates. My only rule is that if they choose to that they bring enough for each student. We currently have 29 students in room 415.  Below is a list of students in our class.

1 Sergio
2 Aryanah
3 Leilani
4 Demarus
5 De’Shaun
6 Landon
7 Riley
8 David
9 Kevin
10 Noah
11 Arizette
12 Roberto
13 Akari
14 James
15 Yuna
16 Khalil
17 Mia
18 David
19 Enzo
20 William
21 Nathaniel
22 Heinrich
23 Riley
24 Nicholas
25 Gabby
26 Amara
27 Mia
28 Joshua
29 Edison
February 8

Arrival From Camp

Hi Parents!

Your kids are all having a wonderful time up here at camp! Only one more day until you are reunited! Just a few reminders for tomorrow:

-We will arrive sometime between 12-1pm. PLEASE do not call the front office for an ETA, we will tweet it out and put it on Homeroom when we are leaving camp and when we are about 20 minutes away from school.

-Please do not park in the loading zones

-One buses arrive, please help unload all the luggage for a quick dismissal.

-All students must be checked out by their classroom teacher.

-Pick up medications from the nurse in the health office.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!