November 13

Butter Braid Delivery

Hi Parents,

Just a reminder that Butter Braids will be delivered tomorrow. If you child sold a lot of Butter Braids, it might be helpful for parents to come help them transport them home. In past years, we have had parents bring large coolers with wheels or smaller carts to help bring Butter Braids home if the order is large.

-Orders will be delivered to Camarena at the end of the school day of Wednesday Nov. 14. (for larger orders, it is helpful if a parent comes to the MPR that afternoon 2:30-2:45 to pick up the orders)

-Butter Braids must be returned to a freezer within 3 hours of delivery.

-Students will then be responsible for delivering Butter Braids to whoever ordered from them.

November 13

Winter Wonderland Basket

Hi Parents,

Unfortunately, room 415 does not have any items yet for our Winter Wonderland Basket. With a week off for Thanksgiving Break, I wanted to send out a friendly reminder regarding our theme this year, Picnic in the Park. It’s our goal to have items by Nov. 26th.

I do have one parent that graciously found a picnic basket with plates, cups, etc, on Amazon for $50. She was wondering if any parents would be willing to go in on this basket with her for our class. Any amount of a donation to help us with this purchase would be greatly appreciated. If you plan on donating, please comment in the comments section of this post so we know. If we could get a few parents to help out with the Amazon basket and a few to donate gamess etc, that would be all that we would need.

Thanks so much for all that you do!

November 6

Camp Forms

Hi Parents!

Sixth grade camp forms have gone home today! Sixth grade camp is a great experience and I encourage all sixth graders to take part in their wonderful week! There are two packets going home today. The first packet is a balance sheet and informational packet. The second packet is the permission slip and health form. Please return the permission slip and health form ASAP so our school nurse can review the forms. Please send camp payment no later than Friday 12/21. Once we are back from break in January we will hold an informational meeting. Please let me know if you have any questions.

October 29

Winter Wonderland

It’s that time of year again to start getting our Winter Wonderland baskets together! This year our classroom basket theme is Picnic at the Park. Please see the flyer below for more information. As stated on the flyer, we will need one parent volunteer to assemble the basket. This person will receive 50% off one wristband for the inflatable world. Please email me at to volunteer. Other ways to volunteer are by donating items related to our theme. Those that donate items will receive a homework pass!


September 20

Fall Break Homework

Hi Parents of Room 415!

I wanted to make sure that all parents were aware of their child’s Fall Break Homework. I really encourage students to be taking a break and getting outside to play, however I also want kids to make sure that they retaining the information taught in quarter one. In order to do so, your child will have a small amount of homework each day. Homework will be Monday-Friday both weeks of break and consist of reading and math.  We have discussed solutions as a class if students are on vacation or busy for some of the days. The breakdown is as follows:


-Read 40 minutes

-Google Classroom Reading Response

-One Ten Marks Assignment (10 questions) per day for a total of 5 Ten Marks assignments. A new Ten Marks assignment will appear each day of the first week. They will have until 10/7 to complete their assigned Ten Marks. Please make sure your child is using their notes for these assignments.

The students are aware of their homework over the break as well.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

September 18

Butter Braid

Today your child brought home a Butter Braid Fundraising form. This fundraiser it used for students to individually raise money towards their camp expense. Camp costs $305, so this fundraiser is a great way for students to help raise some money to offset the cost. Here’s how it works:

-Students have until Friday, October 12 to sell Butter Braids

-They need to fill out the order form as they are selling

-Each Butter Braid costs $14 (expect the herb butter braid which is $15)

-Students will get $6 of each Butter Braid sold towards their camp discount

-Each time they make a sale, they need to collect the money at the time of the sale (checks may be made out to Camarena Elementary) or you may collect cash

-On Oct. 12, all payments and orders are due to Miss Greenlee

-Orders will be delivered to Camarena at the end of the school day of Wednesday Nov. 14. (for larger orders, it is helpful if a parent comes to the MPR that afternoon to pick up the orders)

-Butter Braids must be returned to a freezer within 3 hours of delivery.

-Students will then be responsible for delivering Butter Braids to whoever ordered from them

Again, this is a great fundraiser to help students raise money for camp, however it is not required. Please let me know if you have any questions.

September 18

Fundraising Reps

Hi Parents of Room 415!

As many of you already know, the sixth graders take part in many sixth grade activities this year (Camp, Legoland, a day at the movies, 6th grade dance etc.). In order to have so many activities available we need to do a lot of fundraising throughout the year to help pay for these activities. This year we will need two parent representatives per classroom to help organize and execute these fundraisers. Some of the fundraisers include a 6th grade car wash and restaurant nights at neighborhood restaurants. Our hope is to get 2 parent reps per classroom for a total of 10 sixth grade representatives. If you would like to become a classroom fundraising representative please email me at

Thanks so much!! We truly appreciate your help! It’s a fun filled, busy year and we can use all the help we can get!